Some Lovely Reviews

Some Lovely Reviews

A random (and lovely) review found online:

A little ditty by Manchester Lindy dancer, Ruth:

“There is a dance class called Manchester Lindy,
Where the music they play is strictly Jazz not Indie
And the people that go are so nice and so friendly,
‘Tis all through the night
They make you feel alright!
That fabulous Manchester Lindy.”

And an email from the Manchester Central W.I:

The Manchester WI would like to say a huge thank you for your participation in our August meeting. Your wonderful demonstration at the start of the evening delighted the members and really kicked off the party atmosphere.
It was fantastic to see so many of our members getting involved in the Lindy Hop thanks to your patient tuition, and it was inspiring to see how quickly some of our ladies picked up the moves!
As a committee, we are really pleased with the success of the whole night, especially as so many of our ladies were able to participate in the activities and get to know each other while learning new skills.
Thank you for sharing the Lindy Hop with us and being a part of our exciting first year!